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JDR booth in CMEH in Shanghai in 2016 year

Mainly promote our FY01, FY012, or FY013 and so on medical actuators

JDR booth in Bauma in Shanghai in 2016 year

JDR booth in CMEH in Bejing in 2016 year

JDR Booth in MIFF in Malaysia in 2017 year

JDR booth in CMEF in Shanghai in 2017

JDR booth in Las vegas in 2017 year

It is for the ergonomics

JDR team in FMC in Shanghai in 2016 year

Mr Daniel visit our booth in FMC in 2014 year

He is interested in our desk lifting system

JDR booth in Orgatec 2016

It is held in Cologne in Germany

Our booth in Agriculture exhibition in Shanghai in 2015 year

It mainly promote our industria actuators

Our booth in FMC in 2015 year

Increased the booth area and decorate it


The 26th International Component Manufacturing & Design Show ( ICMD Spring 2018 )


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